This is who we are and we are proud!

Miss Preston 2012-2013-2014

Ivy, Steph and MK – Some of our Miss Preston girls.

What does being a ‘Miss’ mean to me?

I was asked this question and it got me thinking just exactly what it is we are.

I think that as a ‘Miss’ we are given the opportunity to show the best possible sides of us whilst encouraging ourselves to love who we are inside and out.

It’s a common misconception that Miss England is all about airhead, skinny girls covered in fake tan, all wanting world peace.

That’s completely wrong – from my experience, we are a group of girls who come from strong moral backgrounds who want to help others achieve happiness through our charity work, jobs and the lives we live.

Miss England - Miss Preston - Activity day

How many #TeamNorth members can you fit in a lift? – #TeamNorth Activity Day.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as it turns out none of us look identical because we have all won these titles through different judges, different personalities and backgrounds.

I am proud to be a ‘Miss’ and I am very proud to meet a group of girls who are charitable, driven and ambitious!

We are proud. - Miss England North West Activity Day. Miss Preston.

We are proud!

Thank you for reading,

Love Ivy xx