The Newton Viceroy Movement

What a week!

This week I launched my brand new fashion blog on the Newton Viceroy website.

NV is a Global Street style website which promotes individuals creativity, passion and with the ultimate goal of sharing individuals interpretation of what Street Style means to them.

Here’s my first insert which can be found on: A Northern bird, based in the UK

My name is Mary-Kate McKay, M.K. for short and I’m a creative soul documenting my world through the use of images.

I’m 100% Christian; with a passion for the inspiring people I meet along the way.

Street style to me is discovery; to uncover the treasures hidden away amongst the back streets of this world by bringing them to life through the use of fashion.

My style is motivated by different cultures, different ethnic backgrounds and different social statuses.

For me it’s not what you wear but how you wear it – If a bin bag had a story, I’m pretty sure I’d try to share it!

I’m a thinker aiming to inspire or encourage others through words.

I hope I have the opportunity to do just that for you.

Please check out the below link.

It’s a project I’m currently working on ‘HOPE FOR JUSTICE’.

It’s an organisation set up to abolish and uncover Human Trafficking aka Modern Day Slavery.

Get behind the cause.

Miss Preston Guild tip of the week – Do more of what makes your heart get excited!

Here are some images from my own Newton Viceroy photo-shoot.

Being creative is something that makes me tick, so I decided to share with you some images I created for my NV blog.

Hopefully they will inspire you to do more things that will make you break up your everyday routine.

Learn to love life whilst you’ve got it!

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