Summer starts well for Junior Miss Lancashire!

Hi everyone,



I now have a huge pile of papers ready to get rid of and I can now start my summer ?



First day off and we’ve started off by working with the photographer this morning ready for more exciting news.



As you are all probably aware as I got a bit excited yesterday my exam work has been chosen for standardisation by the chief examiner of AQA which is crazyyyyyyy I think I was sooo tired yesterday it didn’t actually sink in when I was told Ahaha ???






The work that was Chosen was my exam work which was based on The Diary of Anne Frank and The Holocaust, Which consisted of a few paintings an A3 sketchbook, a piece made from books and my final exam piece which was a white brick wall I made with a window made from wood and a piece of Perspex with a painting of a girl to replicate Anne Frank stuck inside and paintings of hands around to show how people were treated at that time.








It just shows that hard work pays off and I still can’t get my head round the fact my work will now be travelling round the country.



Speak to you all very soon


Your Junior Miss Lancashire Ammie Shipton