Stephanie is a Model Miss Preston

Steph Leeson Miss Preston Photo ShootWhen I became Miss Preston I had very little modelling experience. As you can imagine it was a bit daunting being thrown right into the image of being a ‘beauty queen’ and all the rest that comes with it!

As Miss Preston I will attend various events, whether these are charity events or promotion days for a new company they all differ. I would be expected to have my photo taken and take many pictures myself for my own blog and experiences as Miss Preston.

After working so hard for the title you go through things in your head such as, what are you going to do with your title? How can your title benefit others? How can you use your title to benefit you? These are just some of many questions I have asked myself over and over again.

I felt a bit inexperienced and wanted to better myself as the new Miss Preston. First thing was first, build myself a portfolio as Miss Preston and Stephanie Leeson. This would ensure that I had good professional images to show companies and business prospects, this can help gain sponsor and charity money for the Miss England semi-final and fingers crossed final.

The money is raised for Beauty with a purpose. This charity raises money for disabled and disadvantaged children. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organisations the world over.

Having a portfolio would not only hopefully help gain possible sponsorship, it will hopefully help to benefit me and help me gain future events in the next year so that I can make the most of my title. I would gain more experience the more photographers I shoot with. Being Miss Preston has given me the confidence to have my photos taken, when in previous years I was quite timid and shy.

I decided to shoot with a professional local photographer Andy Bristow, who already had experience shooting title holders. I was told about Andy and how professional he was, with this I gave him a call to see if he would be interested in working with me. Of course at the time I was a little nervous and wasn’t sure I could trust him as you hear so any things on the news these days about young women going to shoot with so called ‘professional photographers’. I had Mark (The Boss!) check Andy over and he assured me that he had worked with him before, so I got the go ahead.

So for the past month I have been shooting with Andy at various locations! Being in the freezing waters of Tigers Clough waterfall to being sat on a nice warm radiator in the Harris museum Preston. I have enjoyed every single weekend and look forward to many other weekends ahead as Miss Preston 2013/14.

I have had so much fun, what girl doesn’t love having their hair and make up done!

Love Steph x