Spa Shoot Experience

Throughout my time as Miss Lancashire I have worked hard trying to dimish and reduce the amount of stereotypes girls like myself face when becoming a ‘Miss’.


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The bikini-round ban in 2015 at Miss World set the transformation in motion. Charity has always been at the heart of Miss World and consequently Miss England but has been shadowed by the opinion that our aesthetics are what count.


I approve of the removal of the bikini round on stage. In fact, I don’t think I would be in this competition if it was still judged upon. I, alike many women, don’t feel comfortable strutting on stage in next to nothing being judged on our bodies, physique and genetics that we cannot help.


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With this opinion, one might question why I entered the “Beach Beauty” round this year ahead of the Miss England Grand Final at Resorts World Birmingham. Hence this blog to clarify.


I am a believer in positive self body image. With ever-growing technologies and incredible advances on social media, mental health and general happiness with ourselves is troubled. I work-out, I cheerlead, I walk a lot and take pride in keeping fit and healthy. I don’t count every calorie or deny the odd takeaway but I do feed my brain and body what it needs to maintain a healthy intake. Plus, I love fruit and veg – which always helps.


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This round selects a candidate who can represent a brand the most effectively, who can demonstrate healthy body and promote a bikini in the best way to the market.

In this world we don’t need to constantly see stick thin women with undernourished skin. We need to see curves, colour, … reality.


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So instead of shying away I decided to try. I knew that I needed to grow confidence behind the camera and so that is what I did – I just pushed myself further.


Andy Bristow is a photographer I have known for approximately 5 years now, I’d call him a friend and his during previous shoots his guidance reassures me. We found a location, the Double Tree Hilton Liverpool – Eforea Spa. It was incredible! So relaxing, a beautiful pool and lovely staff!


I chose some swimwear pieces and we shot some great images.



Women are of all shapes and sizes and we should be accepted this way. I am proud of the images we shot and for the new found confidence I have found in my body.


No matter the outcome of this round, I have gained something. Something that is worth more than a title, more than a judges opinion, but something that will “better” my life. And that’s comfortability and acceptance of my body… Something I want everyone to have.


Thank you to Eforea Spa and to Andy Bristow for making this happen alongside Billion Dollar Smile for giving me these pearly whites ahead of my shoot!