As a parent you want your daughter to develop to be the Best Version of Herself, have amazing opportunities that will help her grow in confidence, build a network of supportive and positive friends but most importantly be safe, happy and looked after.


She will gain all those things and more by taking part in our events.


If your daughter is kind, motivated, community spirited or has ambitions to be any of those then she could be just the kind of person we are looking for.


If she wants to make wonderful new friends from all over the country, increase her confidence, raise money for Charity and be coached to be a role model and great citizen then this is the event for her.


If she is looking for a safe introduction to the World of Modelling, this would be perfect for her. We know most of the reputable Model Agencies and are more than aware of those with a bad reputation (and can easily research the rest). We are always on hand to advise girls so that they are not ripped off financially by bogus agencies and, more importantly, are safe at all times.


We invest a lot of time and effort before the actual Final making sure that all the girls that take part come away at the end of the Events having gained the following;


More Confidence


A group of more positive and motivated friends for life


An incredible support network of like minded girls from across the North West Region


Experience of Fundraising, Event Planning and Volunteering


An experience that they will remember forever. 


Increased Interview Skills


Great things to put on CVs and talk about in University and Job Interviews


Our events are split into 2 age Categories.


“Junior Miss” is for girls aged 13-16 and “Miss” is for 17-26 year olds.


Each participant will be invited to attend (free of charge) an Interview and Activity Day, where she will gain insights into increasing confidence, self esteem and anti-bullying.


She will also have a mini photo shoot with our photographer and get to have those photos (again free of charge).


She will also spend some 1-2-1 time with the Judging Panel so that they can find out more about her. It’s a gentle interview with no hard questions. They just want to find out more about her as this is more important to them than how she looks or performs on stage. We are looking for Role Models for younger girls and Ambassadors for the area.


The Grand Final is a professional Catwalk Fashion Show and Awards Ceremony.


If selected as a Winner she will receive her Crown and Sash and be coached about how to go out into her local community and make a difference.


She will also be eligible to take part in our National Final to be held in early 2017.


The team is made up completely of previous contestants who loved the experience so much that they wanted to stay involved.


We have 3 school teachers as part of our team so that you can be assured that your daughter will be safe, secure and looked after to the highest degree. The well-being and personal development of your daughter is our primary concern.


You will, of course, be able to come with friends and family to watch your daughter in the Show. We hope that you’ll take the opportunity to make a lovely family evening of it.


We try to keep the costs to you, as a parent, a low as possible (usually nothing more than the small deposit to secure her place which is refunded when she turns up at the Final). We want to give girls from all walks of life the opportunity to grow as a person, be coached and feel proud as a role model to other girls regardless of their Financial background.


The girls are not judged on their clothing at any point in the competition so there is no need to purchase any outfits. We have designed it so that she should either already own or can easily borrow the outfits.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to send a message via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


See What Other Parents Have to Say About Our Events Below


  • Melanie

    I was skeptical at first. 


    On first hearing that my oldest daughter Holly (age 13 at the time) had been scouted for Junior Miss Preston I was very skeptical of what I thought this competition would entail as I automatically associated it with beauty pageants and to me these competitions had always seemed kind of shallow and something that I wouldn’t really want them to be part of.


    Holly was such a quiet girl with a lot of insecurities at the time so for her to be noticed like that obviously give her a little boost into thinking that maybe she could gain a little confidence from this.


    After going to the meeting to find out more I had a long chat with Holly and decided to let her go ahead with it and all I can say is I’m so glad she did, all this has transformed her into the beautiful inspirational young woman she is today.


    It truly was an eye opener and I soon realised that it wasn’t just about looks and who was most popular, but about helping make these young girls into amazing people, people who’s beauty really shines from within, people who really want to make a difference where it really is needed.


    3 years down the line and both my daughters have taken part in these heats Holly in Junior Miss Preston, Junior Miss North West and she is now currently now the reigning Miss Preston.


    Lois took part in Junior Miss Preston and I can honestly say I couldn’t be more proud of them both.


    All the hard word that has been put in is tremendous, from sponsored walks and runs to bake offs and fundraising balls all for charity. It really has been nothing but a positive experience on my girls helping them make long lasting friendships, helping others, building self confidence and really just giving them the tools to become whatever they dream in life.


    So if your thinking of letting your daughter become part of this don’t hesitate and act now for you will be nothing but proud as I am. Thank you Junior Miss team you are amazing!


    Melanie Mum of Holly and Lois at Home


  • Sharon


    My daughter first started the ‘Junior Miss’ competitions when she was 13 – in 2012.


    This has been the best experience for her and has greatly increased her confidence. She now speaks out in public so well and she has even been on TV!


    She has made so many good friends and we now have a new family – ‘Team North!’


    She has won 2 titles and we both get involved at events, from being back stage to on the stage. I love it too and will wear a posh frock one day!


    As a parent I understand that you may feel unsure about your daughter being involved if she has never done anything like this before but I assure you she will have the time of her life, have so much fun and meet life long friends.


    Sharon Mum of Skye at Home


  • Lesley


    My daughter took part in a Junior Miss Event and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.


    Initially I was skeptical about the competitions but this was probably due to lack of knowledge.


    After reading information sent by the organisers I soon changed my mind and encouraged and supported Jade throughout the whole experience.


    Jade was rather anxious to attend the interview day, however, when I picked her up she had soon overcome her anxieties and was extremely looking forward to the final part of the competition the day after.


    Jade said there was so much she learnt about herself and this helped to build her self-confidence and communication skills.


    I know Jade made some amazing friendships and the girls she competed with are still in contact today. Jade enjoyed the charity work and I feel this improved her sense of responsibility and outlook in the community.


    As a result of this wonderful experience I would totally recommend other young people to become involved and enjoy the opportunities available to them.


    Lesley Mum of Jade at Home