My Running Challenge and my role as an Ambassador for S.E.E.D.

Miss Lancashire in Training!

The Countdown has begun for my 4/5 Race Charity Running Challenge and I’m training 3-4 evenings a week with the excellent help of All Seasons Leisure Centre – Active Nation. I can’t wait to make a positive difference in our communities raising money for the amazing Children’s charity #BeautyWithAPurpose.


Miss Lancashire's Running challenge

Training at the Gym – Miss Lancashire, Mary-Kate, is getting ready for her Running Challenge!


Miss Lancashire trains for her running challenge

At the Gym – Miss Lancashire Trains for Charity Running Challenge

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week:


‘’All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing’’Edmund Burke


I’m pleased to announce that I am the newest edition to the S.E.E.D Lancashire Charity family, which means I will be representing the charity as an Ambassador, speaking at different events, working with young people in schools and talking to individuals in one on one sessions, sharing about my personal journey combatting self-worth and body image challenges. For me this is an exciting pursuit and I can’t wait to get started helping and encouraging people through their journey.


So who are S.E.E.D Lancashire, and what do they do?

S.E.E.D. (Support and Education for Eating Disorders) is a registered charity based in Preston and was founded in 2007 to provide a network of support for sufferers of eating/food/weight related issues and their family members, carers, friends etc.

They are the only service of this kind in Lancashire, with SEED providing information, advice, education, resources, training and practical help for anyone affected by eating distress.

SEED is an organisation based around Christian values. They are a volunteer led organisation, consisting of volunteers who have a passion for eating disorders and helping others. Some of their volunteers have recovered from eating disorders themselves or have previously been carers for those with an eating disorder.

‘We strongly believe that people suffering with an eating disorder can get better, and that full recovery is possible’.

More info can be found here:

Much love

MK xx