Molly Hiltons account of the #TeamNorth activity day.

Hey everyone, its Junior Miss Preston 2013 here!

This week I am going to talk about a recent team get together I attended with Miss England North West. This event took place on Saturday 11th of January at the Holiday Inn in Preston. We had a full day together to talk about all the interesting things we are planning to do throughout 2014 and I had a chance to get advice from all the team about my upcoming year as Junior Miss Preston.

#TeamNorth - Class of 2014.

#TeamNorth – Class of 2014.


I first arrived at the Holiday Inn after an early start of the day at 10am! It was lovely seeing all the girls and the organising team, having a good catch up and a laugh as they’re like a second family to me.

When everyone was there we got started, we did different activities which involved us getting to know all the girls better and talking to each other about our different ideas for the year ahead.

The Ladies from Preston - Junior Miss Preston - Molly Hilton

The Ladies from Preston:
Mary-Kate McKay – Miss Preston Guild and Miss Lancashire.
Ivy Kusaloka – Junior Miss Preston Guild
Molly Hilton – Junior Miss Preston 2013-2014
Stephanie Leeson – Miss Preston 2013-2014

This was very helpful and the team have given me so much advice about future appearances and events. I now have an organized list of ideas I am going to pursue further and have started to plan, exciting!


During the day a photographer, Andy Bristow, came and did a shoot with all us girl individually. This wasn’t just a fun and a great experience but we all got the chance to get dressed up and wear our sashes and crowns!

Miss Preston Guild and the new Junior Miss Preston

Mary-Kate and Molly with their crowns and sashes.

After our small photo shoot it was lunch time and I had a delicious Big Mac meal from McDonalds which was very yummy! For the last few hours of the day we did a couple more group activities similar to the morning ones and then formed ourselves a ‘to do’ list based on events and activities we want to be involved in through out year as a titleholder.

Junior Miss Preston guild and the new Junior Miss Preston

Ivy and Molly in their crowns and sashes.


Overall the day with #TeamNorth was an amazing day, as always. I learnt a lot of new things, got tons of new advice and did all this whilst spending time with my amazing second family. I’m really looking forward to what this year has to bring and being part of Team North makes it twice as exciting! Bring on 2014!


Love Molly, x