Miss Preston on the reality of Miss England.

Hey everyone, I hope you all have had a good couple of weeks!

The past couple of weeks I have had different people asking me questions about what pageants really are and if there is anything good that comes out of them.

My answer was obviously quite lengthy as I went in to how hard we all work and how much blood sweat and tears we put into raising money for Miss World’s own charity, Beauty With a Purpose and Variety, The Children’s Charity.

I decided to tell my local paper – The Garstang Courier – just what it is like to be Miss Preston and what Miss England is all about. The article explained how we raise the money and how much and what we have to do at each event.

Miss Preston Steph Leeson in the Garstang Courier

Miss Preston Steph Leeson in the Garstang Courier

I also said that I have never met such amazing girls in all my life; girls who have a willingness to help each other and pull each other through despite all the nerves back stage. We help each other through each stage and end up with friends for life!

I am determined to change people’s negative views on the Miss England competition. I tend to find that the people with hold negative views know nothing about the charity, ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ and The Miss England competition.

Most are unaware about what each woman does to raise money for charity in each and every competition. Hopefully my article will have given them a down to earth answer and even change a few views and opinions, even better maybe encourage future Miss England candidates!

Who knows, I’m sure we will find out sooner or later.

Miss Preston Steph Leeson in the Garstang Courier

The past couple of weeks have been exciting; I am getting further into my new application to be a combat medical technician in the army reserves. Once my medical form comes back, I will be booked onto the selection process. I will keep you all updated!

Why, some of you may ask? Well I wanted to do something different, challenge myself mentally and physically, in hope that it makes me a stronger person. I also want to gain new and different experiences that everyday life can’t offer me. I will keep you posted with updates!

I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes last night!

Love Steph xx