Miss Lancashire’s 2014 Running Challenge and plans for her year.

Mary-Kate McKay - Miss Lancashire 2014 - Miss Preston Guild 2012

Mary-Kate McKay – Miss Lancashire 2014


Project of the week:  Miss Lancashire 2014 Running challenge BOOKED!

Aim: This year I am pushing myself further to raise as much money as I can for the incredible Children’s Charity; ‘Beauty With A Purpose’, aiding disadvantaged children globally and right here in our communities.

The Challenge:

Miss Lancashire 2014 Running Race Challenge completing the following races:

– 16th February: Central Lancashire 5K Run

– 1st March: Blackpool Stanley Park 10K Run

– 13th April: Bolton 10K Run

– 5th May: Annual Preston Guild 5K Run


And this is how you can sponsor me:


In addition I have compiled a list of amazing things I want to achieve and be involved in this year. Here they are;

Things I want to achieve this year:

  • Be successful in Miss England 2014
  • Successfully receive agency work for Presenting and Commercial work

Events to get involved with:

  • Hope for  justice speaking in colleges, universities and schools
  • Create my own Empowering Women event
  • Work with Katie Holmes Trust
  • Completed Hope For Justice Speaker Training course with MD and central Team
  • Create 5 minute inspiring video blogs for my YouTube channel on a weekly basis
  • Complete my Miss Lancashire 4 race running challenge to raise funds for Beauty with a Purpose
  • Get in touch with PNE football club and see if I can make appearances at events/games.
  • Gain positive support from Lancashire County Council – wasn’t successful last week – maybe get in touch with Councillors/ Mayor
  • Preston clothes show and fashion week.
  • Work with eating disorder charity : SEED (meeting with Shelley this weekend)I will keep you all updated on these events and others, throughout my year as Miss Lancashire.

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week:

‘Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so that the world can see you’

I love this quote, I try to base anything I do around this quote to put life into perspective and to genuinely humble myself.

My aim is to be an authentic person in every area of my life especially as I take on new roles, whether I am leading a congregation in Christian Worship on a Sunday morning, mentoring my young Lifegroup girls, backpacking on a mission trip in Macedonia, or representing Lancashire as 2nd Place Miss England.

I never want to take  my position in leadership for granted, I want to ensure that I’m always  honouring the leaders/mentors that have entrusted me with the responsibilities they have placed on me!

Much love,

MK xx