Miss Lancashire – “Be ready for anything!”

Miss Fylde Coast 2014 - Audition dayChannel 4 filming – Be ready for anything!

Channel 4 are one of the UK’s leading commercially funded public service broadcasters. Excitingly Channel 4 have taken an interest into the lives of 5 different girls participating in the Miss Fylde Coast regional heat for the Miss England Final 2014.

To my surprise, I was invited along to the Miss Fylde Coast 2014 interview day to spend some time getting to know the girls behind the nerves and smiles.

As part of filming, I was asked to interview the lovely ladies whose stories where being documented by Channel 4 on screen, sharing both my experiences in comparison to their expectations of the Miss England Organisation.

For me this was such a blessing to sit down with each of these amazing girls, each from different backgrounds, each with a genuine story and message to share and just listen to them.

I’m looking forward to journey with them and see them flourish through the Miss England Competition.

Miss Fylde Coast 2014 - Audition day

Having fun behind the scenes of the audition day!

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week – ‘Family First.’

If there is one thing I’ve recognised significantly change over the past 2-3 years, is my genuine heart for my family. Spending time with a family member is no longer associated with an adolescent frustration but actually from a place of compassion and respect that gives me the desire to create time for them. I believe that love really flows out of a place of respect.

As a family we have recently received the sad news that my wonderful Gran has Alzheimer’s and her mind is deteriorating rapidly, so to make sure that we make the most of our last bit of time with her, we are creating as many fun and spontaneous memories as we can together as a family. Meet my beautiful Granny Kay.

Miss Lancashire 2014

Me and Granny Kay!


Miss Lancashire 2014

Family is precious!

Much Love

MK xx