Miss Lancashire addresses Faith, Biblical principles, Self-worth and Miss England at Penwortham Girls High school.

Penwortham Girls High School - Miss LancashireThis week I was invited back to Penwortham Girls High School to talk to the whole of their year 8’s. I was given an hour to share, discuss and challenge them addressing issue around the importance of faith and biblical principles in my own life as well as sharing how I’ve overcome personal battles of self-worth and body image.

Then finally it was my privilege to explore the heartbeat behind the Miss England Organisation, encouraging the girls to dream bigger and opening their eyes to some of the work that’s involved to be a successful Miss England.

I have now been invited back to give another talk to all of their year 10 girls.

Thankfully it was a thumbs up from the girls and we had such a giggle together – Thanks Ladies!

Penwortham Girls High School - Miss Lancashire

#ThumbsUp! – Penwortham girls with Miss Lancashire

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week – Being a Woman of integrity

Miss Lancashire 2014As a young single Christian woman with vision, I’m finding that more and more people are trying to have an opinion about the direction of my life.

My role however is not to be intimidated, but to stand firm in who I am and hold tightly the purpose God has placed on my life, after all I’m the one that has to live it.

And with that in mind I wanted to address the ‘conflict’ between Miss England, beauty and my Christian faith, as I’ve found that I am answering this question quite frequently as I journey through Miss England.

The dispute around whether or not as a Christian I should be participating in a national beauty competition, for me can be answered quite simply; there is no conflict.

As a Christian I believe beauty is God given, so why wouldn’t I want to put my creator God on display – right?! My main goal ultimately is to be a faith filled women of integrity in every area of my life and so to enable me to be that, I have positioned incredible people in my life, full of wisdom, whom I trust to correct me if that goal ever changes. I pray that I will always remain humble and teachable in the process.

Thank you

MK xx