Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself!

This week I made the decision to spend some time by myself, it’s so important to build that into your lifestyle especially as life keeps on speeding up its crucial to make sure you’re recharging your batteries.

So as I had a week off in preparation for starting my new job on Monday 12th, I decided to fill my week with things that I find Fun, things that I find relaxing and things that would feed my soul.

Here’s a breakdown of my week:

Monday – Shopping spree and Lunch date with my girlfriends Nikki and Laura at the Trafford Centre Manchester.

Tuesday – Miss Preston 2014 Flyering with my wonderful Mentor and friend Mark Jones and the beautiful Mary Ainsworth.

Dinner date with great friends

Wednesday – REST DAY!


Thursday – Spa day with my best friend Jen Friday – Audacious City Church Conference 2013 (Manchester): 9:30am start right through to 11pm.

This was absolutely EPIC, soooo good for my soul!

Saturday – Long lie in to recover from Audacious conference followed by a fabulous BBQ with my great friends at Nikki’s farm.

Sunday – Church in the morning and back to Audacious City Church Manchester for 5:30pm.

This was great motivation for starting my new job on Monday Morning!

Miss Preston Guild tip of the week – Dream bigger dreams!

Before I close off this week’s insert, I just want to delve a bit deeper and share my experience of the Audacious conference in Manchester on Friday.

When I arrived, I arrived with an expectation to receive a revelation whilst I was there, I didn’t expect how many revelations I was going to receive.

One of the poignant messages that I took away with me was this; ‘A leader has to see what’s not yet there to motivate you to do what has never been done’ – in other words as leader it’s my responsibility to have a vision for something bigger that has been before, I want to challenge you this week to think outside the box an ream bigger dreams to motivate yourself to achieve them!

Have a great week.