Introducing Molly Hilton – Junior Miss Preston 2013/14

Molly Hilton - Junior Miss Preston 2013-2014

Molly Hilton – Junior Miss Preston 2013-2014.

Hello everyone, my name is Molly Elizabeth Hilton and I am the current Junior Miss Preston for 2013 and 2014.

I am fifteen years old and attend Tarleton Academy. I also work part time at Jenny Bird Holistic Beauty Therapy which is located in Tarleton. Outside of school my hobbies and interests involve dancing, beauty therapy, baking and of course, shopping!

One of the best things about being Junior Miss Preston so far has been meeting so many new people. Not only have I been able to join a group that we like to call #TeamNorth, but I have been given the chance to attend other heats such as Miss Cumbria.

Some of the ladies from Miss England North West's #TeamNorth

Some of the ladies from Miss England North West’s #TeamNorth
(Left to right: top) Chelsea Edgar, Jordan-Louise Smith, Ivy Kusaloka, Steph Leeson, Georgia Potter, Mary-Kate Mckay, Molly Hilton and Aimee Shields (Bottom) Jenna Howard, Mary Ainsworth and Kerry Capoverde.

When attending these heats has given me the opportunity to meet and greet so many amazing girls and been able to help them all, which was incredible as I love helping others as much as I possibly can.

Honestly I am extremely proud of myself for winning Junior Miss Preston. The heats are not easy and take a lot of hard work and dedication but it is all more than worth it! I am also proud of the whole of #TeamNorth, they are all fantastic people and truly inspiring.

I am very grateful to be able to learn from and become part of this wonderful group of people. One of my big ambitions in life is to stay involved with the Miss England organization for as long as possible. Another big ambition for me is to have my own beauty salon but my biggest ambition in life is to be happy and to always try my very best to make others happy too.

Thank you for this opportunity!

lots of love,

Molly Hilton – Junior Miss Preston 2013-2014.