“in everything, give thanks….” – Junior Miss Preston has lots to be thankful for this week!

Hey guys, this week I’m going to write my blog about more than one event.

Firstly on the 12th of February I went to the orthodontist and I had my braces taken off. After an long and painful twenty months wearing them it was a relief but wearing them was worth every single minute.

I am so happy with the results of my teeth, they look amazing and I now have a smile that I’m certainly not going to hide!

Junior Miss Preston 2013-2014

Big smiles from Molly – before and after the braces.


The next day, the 13th, was also great. My amazing mum had treated me to a range of new Benefit make up. How lucky am I? My luck continued on to Valentines day when my boyfriend treated me with a bunch of beautiful red roses, a tiara pandora ring and a very yummy Chinese takeaway!

junior Miss Preston, Molly Hilton

lots of treats this week!

Moments like these help you realise how lucky you are and for me make me highly appreciate everyone I love.
When I thought the week couldn’t get any better, it did! On Sunday the 16th my mum and I went to the incredible shop, The Dress Studio.

The Dress Studio - Junior Miss Preston

The Dress Studio


The Dress Studio - Junior Miss Preson

Junior Miss Preston visits the wonderful Dress Studio!

We originally went to find my dress ready for my valedictory dinner in July. After trying on many many dresses I had narrowed my options down to two dresses. I adore both these two dresses and found it so hard to choose between the two!

Therefore I got one of the dresses for my prom and purchased the other for appearances and events as Junior Miss Preston. Unfortunately I have decided not to post pictures of my dresses just yet, sorry to make everyone wait!

On Monday the 17th me and my family then booked a holiday in the beautiful country Morocco! I am now counting down the days to a much needed week away in August.

Recently I also met up with Ivy Kusaloka and Mary-Kate McKay, we had a lovely catch up and spoke a lot about a charity event myself and Ivy are planning. I am extremely excited about this event and what we have organised so far.

So recently I have had many blessed days which have really made me appreciate all the people in my life. I am incredibly lucky and also very thankful to have the life I do. I can’t wait to read all the other blogs to see what the other girls have been up to, I hope you enjoy mine.

Giving thanks - Junior Miss Preston

Giving thanks – Junior Miss Preston, Molly Hilton.

Lots of love,
Junior Miss Preston 2013/14