Miss Lancashire 2014, Mary-Kate Mckay, talks about her thoughts on Human Trafficking.

Mary-Kate McKay - Miss Lancashire 2014 - Miss Preston Guild 2012

Mary-Kate McKay – Miss Lancashire 2014 – Miss Preston Guild 2012

Happy New year everyone! I hope you’ve made the most of every opportunity this season to spend with friends and family.

Whilst most of us were preparing for Christmas and getting our houses kitted out with winter tones, decorations, Mulled wine and Cinnamon spiced candles, there where thousands of innocent individuals across our nations, bound by the shackles of Human trafficking, holding on to a faint distant memory of what Christmas once was like for them or what it felt like to share precious time with loved ones. And that breaks my heart!

In the midst of my busy seasonal schedule, stepping into a New Year, I wanted to humble myself and remember my journey; from where I’ve come from into who I am today. I am eternally grateful for the transition.
Here’s a gentlemen after my own heart, a man who shares a passion of mine, which is to eradicate Human Trafficking using whatever tools we have in our hands…

Andrew Van Asselt:- Designer and Owner of Coalition For Justice clothing Company


Coalition For Justice
 is an International lifestyle brand, that inspires unity whilst taking an absolute stand against social injustice and Human Trafficking.

The style deviates from the social norm by reflecting those who dare to dream, those who lead, and those who influence others. The brand clothe both men and women who impact the world.

Whilst producing fashion shows and selling their products, Coalition For Justice travel internationally to gain inspiration from different cultures and people they encounter along the way. CFJ clothing represents ethical values, whilst remaining minimalistic but bold. This allows for a transition from high end fashion to edgy Streetwear.

CFJ clothing communicates awareness by bridging the gap between different cultures and societies. Their goal is to bring awareness and provide hope to survivors of the injustice. Coalition For Justice encourage people to follow their dreams while being aware of their impact on society and their social responsibilities.

Currently 20% of all proceeds made by CFJ go to survivors, with the hope to provide safe houses in the future, offering individuals rehabilitation, an education and the opportunity to learn a trade. Coalition For Justice’s vision is to eventually have their products designed and made by survivors of Human Trafficking. Additionally, they plan on opening store fronts to feature other ethical and social responsible clothing companies.

Finally, Coalition For Justice Fashion shows are called ‘The Abolition Project’, bringing together companies all around the world to take a stand against injustice. The shows bring together dancers, designers, singers, artists and filmmakers creating community and unity to have an effective global impact against injustice.

Coalition For Justice are here to reflect the good in this world and to help bring justice where justice is needed, taking pride in providing quality craftsmanship for every garment.

As Miss Lancashire, Mary-Kate is supporting the CFJ foundation.

“Dare to Dream” – CFJ Garment.

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week:

‘If your goals don’t intimidate you, then you’re not dreaming big enough!’

Its 2014, it’s January and I’ve got BIG dreams for 2014, so what are you going to challenge yourself to achieve this year? You’re the only person in the way of achieving it.

In closing I’ll leave you with this: Stay thankful, stay ambitious and have a life changing 2014.