Funding Shivam’s Chair

Hello again,


This month’s Miss England Crown Charity Challenge was to help and support Shivam Nathwani and his appeal for a new wheelchair.




Shivam  has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (muscle-wasting disease). In the past few years, Shivam’s spine and breathing have deteriorated and he now needs a respiratory machine to breathe. He relies on oxygen 24 hours a day. Throughout his teenage years, Shivam has been going to Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People for respite and day care.


For Shivam, life has been an endless treadmill of operations, physiotherapy and medication. He almost lost his life twice on the operating table and has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 10-years-old. This is why we need to do something to help him!!


Shivam is currently outgrowing his current wheelchair and with his condition and his body deteriorating he needs a new one. From a young age he has had a passion for cars. Sadly, because of his disability he will never be able to drive. The only way he will be able to experience what it is like to drive is by having a better powered wheelchair. This is not covered under the NHS. His new chair will give him more independence to go out and fulfill his dreams and life goals.

Everyone deserves the right to independence, freedom and the help they need to achieve the things they set out to!


For #shivamschair17 I decided to encourage his love for cars by holding a car wash on my street and inviting my neighbourhood to join me. My friends and family helped me scrub the cars clean whilst encouraging customers and telling them about why we were holding the event.


It proves that even something so simple can raise valuable funds. Shivam deserves this chair!



We charged £5 per car and accepted any donations extra. We managed to raise £65!


The cost of the wheelchair and modifications to meet Shivam’s needs is £15,000!

Help us to reach this target by visiting: and donating!


Please check out my video on my Facebook page to her my poem and watch my video of the car wash!


Many thanks