Finding my Finals Dress

As I applied my foundation, images of dresses appeared in my head. Colourless and disorientated, I still had no clue what I wanted my Miss England Final dress to look like.




Arriving at the Last Drop Village in Bolton I smiled at my mum with sheer excitement. The Just Boutique shop ahead of us, I ran in bursting with anticipation at all the stunning dresses. Greeted by none other than Justine herself, we got searching. I was faced with something similar to a rainbow. An erray of dresses placed colour by colour met me along the side of the shop – was I in heaven?




Before this experience, I had never been dress shopping (properly) before where the service was personalised and the dress were so luxury. And thinking about it, I have never competed or been in such an event that demands such a lavish style choice. But I loved every second. Justine settled my anticipated and dress picking nerves and handed me dress after dress into the changing room.


This changing room wasn’t just any changing room. A full length mirror enabled me to see every inch of each dress from head to toe. The luxury stylish décor just added to the experience and gave me great comfort in feeling welcomed. My mum perched on the gorgeous purple sofa that sat on the main shop floor and smiled eagerly as I tried each dress on.




Yes, Yes, Yes, Maybe, No, Yes, Yes… sounds something of the pattern of my replies when asked if they’re an option. Too many choices has never been a problem for me before, but each one was gorgeous.


But I found it. My perfect dress. I will say no more – it’s a secret! Justine was so patient with me. I am perhaps the definition of a  #annoyingcustomer




I had had little chance to notice the elegantly dressed windows as I had entered the shop. My pace had quickened upon arrival… Earrings, necklaces, shoes, bags and more laced the windows, and dazzled the eyes of passers-by. Leaving the shop is a memorable feeling for me now. Extremely content with my purchase, my mum in high approval and a big tick against my TO DO list note of finding my final dress.


Thank you Just Boutique, I owe you!


P.s. the picture of me in the red dress isn’t my chosen one, BUT I love it! Where can you find it?


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