Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades

This week saw the start of scouting, beginning with Miss Bury and Junior Miss Bury.

I had the pleasure of joining the scouting team on Saturday at Millgate Shopping Centre and I must say it brought back so many memories and it was such a good chance to tell girls who are joining this year a first-hand experience of exactly what it is and just sell it better!

I met some of the most amazing girls when I did Miss Preston, that even to this day are some of my close friends and I must say to anyone thinking twice about it, don’t bother, there will be no way you’ll regret entering, so do it straight away!

There will be heats near you without a doubt so the best thing to do is Google it, have a look and enter online to start your journey, you will not regret it.

The confidence boost, new friends, experience and even THE DOMINOES PIZZA are just extras on to everything that will make this one of the choices you will learn from for later in life.

To me taking part in junior Miss Preston meant the extra help to get started with modelling, the extra confidence and the chance to meet some new friends who end up being there for you long after the show has past.

I couldn’t express in words how much this has changed my life because I could be here for ages!

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Audrey Hepburn