‘Cut Off The Branch That Doesn’t Bear Any Fruit’

‘Cut off the branch that doesn’t bear any fruit’

There will be things in life that will hinder you and if you don’t separate yourself from them, they will harm you.

There’s a quote I absolutely love that says:

‘Sever the branches that don’t bear much fruit in your life’

Sometimes the idea of cutting things out of your life doesn’t sound very fun, the idea out severing them, in other words get rid of them as fast as you can, sounds dramatic and painful.

But often that’s because we’ve left them too long in our lives, that they’ve started to hinder us.

In keeping with the imagery of a tree, if a branch has started rotting, over time that one branch will infect the rest of the tree and eventually infect the root.

The only way a plant can bear more fruit in each new season, is by cutting back the flowers, before the next season keeping the branch healthy – this is called pruning.

For me it has become apparent over the past couple of weeks, certain things in life are becoming stale and hindering me rather than allowing me to flourish.

It’s time to spring clean my life and plant good healthy trees around me, trees that are going to bear great fruit in my life, that will support and encourage me to grow!

Miss Preston Guild tip of the week – Do your homework!

This week I learnt my lesson the hard way, an ‘Agency’ based in London I’d applied to, got in touch offering me a free photo shoot and training session because they ‘believed’ I had what it takes to be a successful model.

In my excitement I booked myself in, paying a small deposit fee of £50, to make sure I’d turn up on the day.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after I paid my deposit that I read a couple of blogs around fake agencies and too my horror Luxe Models was one of named Fake agencies, a scam set up to lure young aspiring models into a sales plot in aim to get £3000 worth of Portfolio images out of you from a top London Studio.

Luxe Model’s aren’t even an agency, they are simply a sales company for Kube Studio’s in London.

I don’t know about you but, £50 isn’t a small amount of money that I can just giveaway.

However I count it a blessing that I didn’t book and pay for my expensive travel tickets down to London and I’m certainly relieved that I wasn’t placed in uncomfortable selling ground trying to get £3000 that I certainly don’t have.

Lesson this week is do you homework, do your research and don’t allow the industry to walk all over you!