Bridal Gowns and Campaign Promoting

How is it already the end of February? It really does feel like the older I get, the quicker time flies – especially when you’re having fun.


So as March commences tomorrow, I will leave you with an update from the past couple of weeks in February.


On Sunday 19th Feb, I attended Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington. There was a bridal event on where local residents and newly weds could visit and gain ideas and inspirations for all aspects of their  special day. 6 days before this, I went to The Bridal Lounge of Accrington to try some bridal gowns on.



No – I’m not getting married.


I had been asked to model and wear some dress to showcase at the event – and the dresses were beautiful.


The month of February has been an exciting one. With exams finally over, more time was given to relaxation and getting more involved with the #TeamNorth family.


This month’s Crown Charity Challenge set by Miss England 204, Carina Tyrell, was to raise awareness for #WorldCancerDay and their #WeCanICan campaign that is being held over the length of three months.


Getting involved in these tasks haven’t seemed like a “task” or a “job” – the need to inform other of how they can lower their risk and increase government funding for this disease is something I feel strongly about. We can’t stop cancer completely by doing this, but we can reduce the risk dramatically by informing people of the dangers.


The campaign website is more than informative. It is inspiring, useful, interesting and effectively, life changing. Please check out the link:


Here are some of the demonstrative videos I created to make the points more interesting and accessible. The rest of my campaign awareness and posts about it can be found on my Facebook page at: Miss Lancashire