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Attending Miss Bolton and Bury’s BWOP Event

Last night I had the honour of attending Beth Dove’s Irish Night in aid of Beauty With A Purpose👑💕 It was lovely to spend time with the girls and to be raising money at the same time. There was a lovely community feel and the entertainment was spectacular! Unfortunately I didn’t get a video of […]

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Cost of Beauty Campaign Shoot #2

Today we shot another element of my Cost of Beauty Campaign which aimed to capture the horrendous pains of which an animal may go through, whether it be before being tested upon or before being killed for food or fur. Although we took the objective of this shoot very seriously, the explored ways to demonstrate […]

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“Sparkle Fit” – Miss NW

Here are two picture’s of myself taking part in Miss North West’s #sparklefit. I could tell I had heels on… (serious calf pain). So much fun to get involved in and I’m excited for the next exercises… I have a feeling I know what’s coming👀💭 If you’re interested in learning what sparkle fit is all about, […]

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Putting on my “Thinking Crown”

Thank you to Mary Ainsworth for making me put my #thinkingcrown on👑💕 I’ve put this up on my wall after completing the Brand Me exercise so that every morning I can wake up and be reminded of all I want to achieve❤️. I also found quotes to match some of the “what makes a great Miss” words we […]

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Miss Fylde Coast Final

A beautiful start to a busy Sunday📚👑 So lovely to see such a diverse congregation today at Church. People from cultures all over the world, of all different ages. Proves how religion really does bring people together💕 Now off to the library, then to Cheerleading and then jumping on a train back to Blackpool ready […]

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Lancashire Evening Post News Article

I received a lovely email today, notifying me that I was being featured in the LEP. Huge thank you to Natalie for asking me lots of questions which when answering them I was overwhelmed with how much I had to say and wanted to talk about! I could have filled the whole newspaper!! Thanks again […]

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Cost of Beauty Campaign – Shoot #1

I often wonder where our materials come from, why makeup is so pretty and what chemicals and unknown substances are used in order to facilitate our ever-growing materialistic world. So I began to research.   It was at the point of horror that this idea came to me. I am an animal lover, and decided […]

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My First Team North Day as Miss Lancashire

What a whirlwind of a week🌪! Only a week ago I was crowned Miss Lancashire 2016 and already I’m having the greatest experience. Today I met with Team North to discuss my direction for the year ahead and all the goals I want to set myself. Yet again, the girls, Mark and Dec never fail […]

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Featuring in Beauty with a Purpose Charity Music Video

Today has been BUSY … I have had such a great day in Rugby shooting for Beauty with a Purpose for their charity single! Big thank you to Jules, Rheo, Angie, Helen, Dan, Dutch and all the cast for making me feel so welcome and involving me in this great video. Cannot wait to see […]

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Introducing Olivia Seed – Miss Lancashire 2016/17

Hello everyone, I’m Olivia Seed your new Miss Lancashire👑! I wanted to dedicate this post to everyone who has supported me, spurred me on and inspired me to do better. To all those people who helped me with events, voted, came to watch, wished me good luck, congratulated me etc…. your support means the world […]